ABOUT PROWORK ProWork is a brand dedicated to crafting high quality durable textiles with fashionable design. This brand believes that everyone should feel safe and comfortable while doing their job, and all its products align with that belief. ProWork is already present in many different sectors, including: oil and gas industries, heavy industries, healthcare, research laboratories, restaurants and hotels, schools and corporative clothing, amongst others, and it’s a reference n the supplying of personal protective equipment, through it’s anti-cut and waterjet protection prodcuts. Our concept, is the full supply of personal integral protection, from head to toe, as long as it is in the interest of our client. PRODUCT RANGE ProWork products include:

  • Safety clothing:
    • Anti-Static;
    • Fire-Retardant;
    • Anti-Cut;
    • Anti-Lock;
    • High-Visibility;
    • Chemical Protection;
  • Harsh weather conditions:
    • Clothing for cold weather;
    • Waterproof seam sealed clothing;
  • Personal protective equipment devices;
  • Headgear and footwear;


ABOUT PROTACTICAL ProTactical offers the most advanced solutions for military uniforms, tactical gear and protective equipment. Whatever the field of battle, every advantage counts. So, because of that, ProTactical applies textile innovation and the most recent technologies where they matter the most, thus presenting a wide range of products that ensure not only the maximum safety possible, but the greatest comfort, so that everyone who uses these products can be at their very best while performing their functions. PRODUCT RANGE Specially oriented towards the Military segment, as well as Public Security Forces, Private Security, Civil Protection and Firefighting, the ProTactical product range includes:

  • Tactical gear:
    • Ballistic Protection;
    • Tactical Vests;
  • Uniforms:
    • Military Uniforms:
    • Ceremonial Uniforms;
  • Personal protective equipment:
    • Anti-Fire and Fire-Retardant Protection;
    • Extreme Temperature Protection;
    • Chemical Protection;
    • HAZMAT / BSL / CBRN;
  • Headgear and footwear;


The Latino Group also operates as a private label, for brands willing to take advantage of well crafted technical products, with more than 10 international companies already selling Latino Group’s products under their brands.


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