Founded in 1986, Latino Group is a Portuguese textile company, originally specialized in the manufacturing of uniforms and tactical equipment for the militarized armed forces. However, with the acquisition of advanced knowledge in technical clothing, the company soon expanded into other areas, including the production of high quality professional workwear.

Thus, does Latino Group intend to solve the problem of its clients with innovative solutions of individual protection equipment and custom uniforms, as well as to develop new products that protect their users, through our research and development center.


The Latino Group is certified by the EN ISO 9001, in a fusion that allows us to ensure high performance across our product range, wether in durability or in design.

The company is also certified by the BSCI, which ensures good social practices for business development, and is an authorized NATO supplier.


Innovation is a critical focus for the Latino Group, with the company having its very own research and development laboratory, ran by a highly specialized team and equipped with the most recent textile technology.

Additionally, the company holds three research partnerships, with universities and industrial groups, exploring new areas and breaking new grounds in textile technology.


Running for almost 30 years, the Latino Group has become a reference company with a truly global mindset, with exports representing more than 90% of its turnover. The company is also prepared to deliver its products anywhere in the globe.

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